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  • Jason Hesley

VERITAS release single “Creation Groans” from album “Silent Script”

Veritas is a U.S. Progressive Heavy/Power Metal band that never forgets the Hard Rock and Classic Rock origins of their sound, thus achieves a personal sound full of heavy guitar riffs, meaningful lead guitar themes, multi-dimensional vocals and diverse rhythmic parts.Veritas manage to present a unique landscape of sounds ranging from powerful classic riff-based American Heavy/Power Metal up to Progressive Rock. They have deep sensitivity in both their musical and lyrical approach and they always work the songwriting and production down to the very last detail. 

Band Line-Up: Denny Anthony-vocals, Greg Wenk-guitar. Geno Alberico-bass, Mark Zonder-drums. 

In 22nd of August 2023 they released their album entitled “Silent Script” by Sliptrick Records. 

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