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  • Jason Hesley

VERDERBNIS to release "Paria" on Sept. 22nd!

Although only founded in 2020, the melodic black metallers VERDERBNIS have already played some established stages in their young career. Not surprising when you know that you are dealing with experienced and scene-tested musicians. With "Paria", the quartet's debut album is now available, which knows how to convince with strong melodies, unforgettable riffs, melodically soulful guitar work and at the same time raw musical brutality and uncompromisingness. Indoctrinated scene rules as well as stylistic chains play no role for the band. Lyrically they use a rich imagery of pagan, pagan or necromantic occult influences. "Paria" was completed at the end of 2022 with producer Torsten Sauerbrey (Atomwinter, Kambrium, Dark At Dawn, Burden of Grief) in Metalsound Studio and offers a musically varied cinema for your mind. Progressivity and hypnotic monotony are not seen as a contradiction, but as optional means of expression of artistic freedom.

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