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  • Jason Hesley

Venezuelan STRATUZ Awaken Your Senses With Symphonic Live Video “Back To The Sun"

Stratuz is an atmospheric death/doom Metal band based in Venezuela and they are pleased to present their new live video for “Back To The Sun“. The track comes off of their album “Osculum Pacis”, which was released in April 2022. Having disbanded in 2006, and reformed in 2019, this latest offering pushed them to increase the technicality of the playing and work harder in the studio. Many years away from the scene led them to experiment with other musical currents, nourish themselves, and create inspirational, gloomy, and engaging music. They comment on the single “Back To The Sun“:

“It could be said that it is a kind of ritual, where a living master who has left a deep mark among his followers through his teachings is bid farewell, and these, as a sign of respect, prepare his return home, the abode from which we all come. It is the closing of a cycle of transformation, transmutation, life and death or death and life.”

Stratuz invites you to become immersed in their universe of sound and delve into the themes of the human being from existential, philosophical, and religious points of view. Awaken your senses with eleven tracks that ebb and flow through dreary gutturals, majestic choruses, and heart-pumping riffs.

The band is currently preparing to continue promoting their latest album “Osculum Pacis” in Venezuela and other countries. They are recommended for fans of Paradise Lost, Tiamat, and Moonspell.

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