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  • Jason Hesley

VEIL OF THE SERPENT releases new single "Sanatorium 51"!

Following the overwhelming success of their latest single "A Circular Pattern" in March, heavy metal frontrunners VEIL OF THE SERPENT now return with a brand new track. With "Sanatorium 51", the trio, heading from Germany and the United States, unleashes yet another epic heavy metal attack, which will sure become a fan favourite.Speaking on the story behind the song and title, drummer and creator of the story Felix explains: "Basically it's a sci-fi story about aliens who are actually extremely evolved humans from the future. They recruit people at "Sanatorium 51" and pass on their knowledge to them to slave humanity. However this is just the first part of a story which will be continued in further releases.""Sanatorium 51" is available to stream on your favourite streaming platform.

VEIL OF THE SERPENT is a multi-national heavy metal band that was founded in 2021 by guitarist Gene and his son Felix. The two mooted the idea of working together in 2020. One year later they found a very talented singer in JD Stafford who completed the band’s line-up.

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