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  • Jason Hesley

Varjo-Orkesteri to release "Seremonia" on January 20th!

When the pike brings a message from the other side, balancing in the chaos begins. As fragile but genuine beings, we travel in timelessness. The invitation to "Seremonia" is at hand. Fascinating, irresistible. Interpreting star charts, primordial matter and beard moss, the second long play by the Varjo-Orkesteri, "Seremonia" offers glimpses of impermanence. It steps out of the margin. To the other side, to something new. If you dare to surrender to its journey? Finnish Progressive Rock/Metal band Varjo-Orkesteri is set to release their second studio album Seremonia on January 20th 2023 via Inverse Records.

Track list:

01. Suunnistaja 02. Palvojat 03. Sinisiipi 04. Viherkylki 05. Käpälämäkeen 06. llmestymätön 07. Kiitäjä 08. Yhden miehen keitos 09. Kaavanmurtaja 10. Sarastus 11. Korpiveisu

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