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  • Jason Hesley

USHANGVAGUSH: Native American black metal act to reissue acclaimed demo and debut album via Dawnbreed Records / Vigor Deconstruct

Dawnbreed Records in collaboration with Vigor Deconstruct is pleased to finally announce a new official release in CD format of "Inanition" and "Mntu", the acclaimed demo and debut album of Native American black metal act USHANGVAGUSH. The demo was originally released in 2019, while the first full-length came out in 2021. This new highly anticipated CD edition will be available from March 22nd 2024.

Quickly rising to become of the hottest names in the entire underground, USHANGVAGUSH is one of those names that simply cannot be denied.

One of the hottest and most eviscerating Native American black metal acts that have come about in recent years, it was single-handedly with the release of 2021's "Mntu" that the stage was set for an assault upon the senses whose ferocity and markings would not be forgotten even years later. Black metal that's just as raw as it can be melodic with more than a little bit of punk peppered in for a particularly unrelenting blend that grabs you by the throat at every given opportunity, it's no wonder that USHANGVAGUSH is still hailed as downright essential in the modern landscape of the underground.

Now, for the first time on CD, it is in union with the preceding demo, "Inanition", originally released in 2019, that we get to see USHANGVAGUSH's rise to power in magnificent form for all the unrelenting power that is to be found within the collective twelve tracks offered here.

USHANGVAGUSH has crafted a singularly devastating sound that is as dynamic and it is unforgiving from the very beginning, haunting every step along the way, and no less than terrifying to witness for all that it dares to rend asunder. Be it flesh, bone, or spirit, nothing can escape the unyielding fury which gives both "Inanition" and "Mntu" such life and suffering that is nigh-on compelling.

The power of USHANGVAGUSH has proven to be tenacious over time, and, given the madness in its entirety, that simple truth not looking to be likely to change any time soon.

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