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US power metal band VAINGLORY self titled debut album "Vainglory" and 2nd album "Manifest Destiny"

US power metal band VAINGLORY is making available both their debut self titled album "Vainglory", as well as their 2nd album "Manifest Destiny" for worldwide media review and to terrestrial / online radio outlets for airplay.

Vainglory featuring vocalist Kate French (ex-Chastain) and shred guitarist Corbin King signed to Animated Insanity Records (USA) and No Dust Records (Netherlands). Both labels jointly re-issued both Vainglory's long out of print albums, their 2008 debut album "Vainglory" and their 2019 2nd album "Manifesting Destiny" as a 2-in-1 re-mastered cd package on July 28, 2023.

Vainglory - "Vainglory" Tracklist:

1.Walking Dead2.Burdened3.The Only Way I Know4.Face of Death5.Midnight Hellfire6.Undying Love7.Decapitation Attack8.Act of God9.Vainglory10.Endlessly11.Blackened Soul12.My Living Hell

Vainglory - "Manifesting Destiny" Tracklist:

1.Comin' Back2.Force Centrifugal3.Epidemic4.Manifesting Destiny5.Dead to Me6.Ballistic7.Time of Reckoning8.Face9.Getcha Some10.Spit11.Waste of Skin12.Prophesy

"Vainglory guitarist Corbin King comments":

"Kate and I are very pleased to have signed a deal with Animated Insanity Records and No Dust Records for the 2-in-1 cd re-release of our two albums "Vainglory" and "Manifesting Destiny".

The self-titled "Vainglory" album was our most successful release but has been long out of print, and "Manifesting Destiny" was only released by us in a very small limited quantity.

Joe and Henk at Animated Insanity Records and No Dust Records have given both these albums a proper worldwide release and an opportunity for those that missed out on the records the first time around to finally add them to their collection.

In addition to the 2-in-1 cd re-release; we have been inspired to get back to the riff machine and begin working out some ideas for a brand new 3rd Vainglory album.

We are very excited about 2023 and look forward to what the future may hold for our new music endeavor".

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