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  • Jason Hesley

US melodic death metal band BLOOD OF ANGELS release new "Spillage" lyric video.

Tampa, Florida melodic death metal band BLOOD OF ANGELS has released a new lyric video for their latest stand alone single "Spillage".

Guitarist Aaron Robinson comments:

There is a cool story in relation to the song. The proposal came to us from Kimmi Rudolph, owner / host of The Metal Deli podcast. She told us that the band Spillage based in Chicago had written and released a song called "Blood of Angels". She thought it would be a cool idea if our band Blood of Angels could write a song called "Spillage". We thought that was an awesome flash of creativity and we ran with it. We wound up writing the single which is about the ending of natural life.

The lyric video was done by Rehman Panhwer. The song "Spillage" was written by Blood of Angels. It was engineered and produced by Preston DiCarlo at Master Audio Works in Tampa, Florida. It was released through Biohazardous Records on October 31, 2022.

In other news, Blood of Angels are currently working on our new slamming album. We will be hitting the studio shortly. Expect more powerful melodic death metal madness.

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