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  • Jason Hesley

Upon Stone Signs Worldwide Deal With Powerhouse Century Media Records!

Century Media Records is proud to announce the signing of San Fernando Valley, California, Melodic Death Metal merchants, UPON STONE.

The band delivers a uniquely visceral unfiltered energy and fuses it with a passion for the earliest and rawest Melodeath influences including At The Gates, In Flames and Dissection.

Their newest anthem “Onyx Through the Heart” can be listened to HERE.

The video can be seen here:

Comprised of bassist/vocalist Xavier Wahlberg, drummer Wyatt Bentley and guitarists Ronny Lee Marks and Gage Goss, UPON STONE was forged during the pandemic days, during which the band recorded its first release, a four song EP, Where Wild Sorrows Grow, which was released in late 2021 on the Creator Destructor label. The band made its live debut in January of 2022 supporting Japan’s KRUELTY and have since shared stages with the likes of UNEARTH, GATECREEPER, 200 STAB WOUNDS, as well as a US tour with labelmates VOMIT FORTH and an appearance at the KNOCKED LOOSE-curated LDB Fest in Louisville, KY.

UPON STONE comments: “We’re beyond elated to announce our signing to Century Media. The label’s commitment to releasing music from vital new artists, coupled with their undeniable legacy as the global gold standard for all facets of extreme metal makes this partnership incredibly exciting for us. From Unanimated to Insomnium and Dark Tranquillity, Century Media is the obvious home for Melodic Death Metal in 2023, and we’re honored to be a part of it.”

UPON STONE stands out for reenergizing influences from the early Scandinavian scene with an authenticity and intensity that’s undeniable”, says Century Media VP of A&R, Mike Gitter. “They’re bringing back some of modern metal’s most important influences. It’s a sound that’s deep in the label’s history that UPON STONE makes lethal again”.

“Onyx Through the Heart”is the first salvo from UPON STONE through their new label home. Produced and mixed by Taylor Young (Drain, Suicide Silence) it’s a relentless rampage that echoes classics like At the Gates’ Slaughter of the Soul. The song and its accompanying video evoke the feel of the early 90’s classics that UPON STONE brings a new fire to. “Onyx Through the Heart” taps into the inherent grandeur and chaos held within the nocturnal world", says UPON STONE. "Something ancient and feral awakens deep within the human spirit when surrounded by the darkness of nature in total solitude. This track seeks to strengthen that bond. To the Night Without Return!”.

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