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Unleash the Power: EXIT - The explosive anthem from Symphony Of Sweden!

Evan's statement: "Lee was definitely inspired by a Swedish/Norwegian TV series and one of the characters in the series for the lyrics!

This track had a different melody and lyrics for the chorus, in the first version we mixed but I thought we could make an even better chorus. I found the music very powerful and catchy at the same time, and really wanted a chorus that stood out. So… I forced Lee to sing even higher and more powerful than ever and it turned out great!

It is probably one of our more edgy tracks. More and faster guitars, very powerful almost angry vocals but still fragile in a cool way… Henrik Bodin-Sköld did a great job with the guitar arrangements! I think I leveled up a bit when it came to mix and production also! (laughs)

Regarding the chorus, Lee wrote the first version and already when we recorded it I was not 100% sure of the greatness of it. I said if it had been two years ago the chorus would have been totally ok, but now we have to level up with every little detail… So, after a few days, I emailed him a new idea I had for the chorus and we decided to record my idea as well and then decide which one to go for and in the end, we both agreed to go with the new version!

I think this is our first song we have a word in the title that we actually never sing. It is also the longest title I guess so far, but the lyrics are pretty dark and to add the word EXIT to the sentence we actually sing it makes the title even more epic and fateful.

Fun fact, this track has been asleep for 18 months before recording the vocals! We had the music and we knew we had something big coming. But back then Lee had his voice issues and therefore we let the track have its beauty sleep."

And what emotions do they hope to evoke in the SOS' listeners with "EXIT”? "We want to show our existing fans that we really are back on track after dare I say... The poor response to 'That Night', but now 'EXIT' is on another level I admit that! (laughs) And hopefully, many more people will discover us! We want everybody to feel and say our favorite listener comment from YouTube: 'Wow!'.

We hope that the audience will hear and like our slightly more powerful sound. This milestone actually started when I was mixing a single for another Swedish rock band, and they turned down my mix. After that, I said to myself that I have to level up big time if an another Swedish band turns down my mixes! (laughs)

For this track, we will level up also in the visuals and we will work with a film director who has very interesting ideas of how a modern music video should be in the year 2024! We will be filming in late November and hopefully have the video ready in mid-December.

This will be the last single before the album release in early 2024. We will have another great song and video for the title track of the album though. But this track is definitely the start of the countdown for the album!"

You can download the songs from here (for radio/promotional use only)

Or stream on Spotify

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