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  • Jason Hesley

Unleash the brutal force of change with LITHIK's "GEOMORPHOLOGY"

Australian metal maestro Ray McGill, known for his work with Bane of Isildur, Spherical, Bastardizer, and Metal, returns with his second offering under the moniker LITHIK. The new album, "GEOMORPHOLOGY", is a captivating journey through the varied terrains of blackened melodic doom.

"GEOMORPHOLOGY" channels the subtleties and brutalities of our ever-changing world. Reflecting on the sudden shifts, gradual evolutions, erosive wear, regenerative growth, destructive calamities, and the relentless march of time, this 11-track opus encapsulates the eternal dance of change.

Building on the momentum of their 2021 debut, "WEATHER THE STORM", LITHIK presents an audacious expansion of their sonic palette. The result is a compelling mix of aggressive riffs, haunting melodies, atmospheric depths, and despairing echoes that breathe life into the album's theme.

The full impact of "GEOMORPHOLOGY" lands on June 21, 2023, available across all streaming platforms and as a limited-edition vinyl pressing.

Feel the earth-shaking energy of LITHIK live at their launch shows: Sydney's Moshpit Bar on June 23rd, and Perth's Convenience on June 24th.

Pre-order your limited-edition vinyl at, and prepare to let "GEOMORPHOLOGY" sweep you into LITHIK's raw, ever-changing sonic landscape.

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