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  • Jason Hesley

UNDRASK Unleash New Video For "The Thing In The Pit"

Descend into the darkening depths with UNDRASK's immersive new single "The Thing in the Pit". Brutal rhythms, intricate melodies and eerie choral chants manifest a demonic atmosphere that's enhanced with theatrics in the music video.

"We're happy to share a taste of our upcoming album, God Emperor. This track is our protagonist's descent into literal and metaphorical darkness, where "The Thing in the Pit" resides. One of the more straightforward, driving tracks on the album, and we look forward to sharing the rest!"

Thundering percussion creates a haunting introduction alongside an eerie choir. Metal instrumentation explodes into life with a contrapuntal array of heavy rhythms and sees lightning speed melodies spark into being. Guttural vocals deliver a commanding presence and yield a further burst of aggressive power into the ferocious mix. "The Thing in the Pit", and the upcoming album, delve deeper into the story of the creation of the Longhammer - "Longhammer" is a track featured on the previous LP Battle Through Time. "The Thing in the Pit" showcases UNDRASK's evolution and provides a thrilling first glimpse of what is to come.

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