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  • Jason Hesley

UNCHOSEN ONES - The new album Sorrow Turns To Dust out on April 21st!

The elegant Unchosen Ones release Sorrow Turns To Dust, a debut album that, in their own words, is “a tribute and a little twist on the great heavy and power metal bands of the late 90s”. Thus, in this work we can expect “vocals and keyboards taken directly from the 80s, but with guitars and a rhythm section adapted to the sound of current European heavy metal”.

Two years after their initial EP Kill The Night, the Galicians have recorded this album with Koldo Rivas at SMHQ studios in Vigo, leaving the mixing and mastering in the hands of José Fernando Tercero at JFT Producciones studios in Ciudad Real. The sound is simply perfect for what Unchosen Ones propose, and adding to that is the suggestive oil painting by Abigail González used for the cover.

With lyrics inspired by videogames like Elden Ring (‘Infinite Gear’), Castlevania (‘Kill The Night’) or Dark Souls (‘Ashen Wasteland’), their texts also cover other themes such as anxiety, sadness, or “the search for inner strength to deal with it all”.

With their classy melodic heavy metal, the excellent songs on Sorrow Turns To Dust will thrill any follower of Beast In Black, Dream Evil, Orden Ogan, H.E.A.T. or Nocturnal Rites. It seems incredible that we are talking about a first album, or a band formed only three years ago.

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