• Jason Hesley

UNBLESSED DIVINE - To Release Debut EP 'The Coming Darkness!'

Darkened Death metal supergroup UNBLESSED DIVINE - feat. former members of MALEVOLENT CREATION And SINISTER - are set to release their debut EP, entitled 'The Coming Darkness', on December 4th on all streaming platforms. Today the band has unleashed a lyric video 'Reborn Enlightened' from the EP.

Watch the lyric video for 'Reborn Enlightened', here:

As unique as UNBLESSED DIVINE music is also the band itself. Hailing from such legends as Malevolent Creation and Sinister, based in Poland and South Africa, Unblessed Divine is now ready to bring new standard to Darkened Death Metal.

With it's massive riffing, hellish vocals, disturbing industrial atmosphere and insane drumming, UNBLESSED DIVINE sounds as no other Death Metal band, giving a new meaning to Darkness itself.

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