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  • Jason Hesley

Ukrainian progressive metal band Korypheus releases "Odysseus"

Hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine, Korypheus presents their latest single, "Odysseus". Delving deep into themes of stoicism and love amidst the harsh backdrop of wartime, the single paints a vivid picture for its listeners. This release follows their earlier unveiled single "Icarus", which gave fans a glimpse of what to expect from their forthcoming LP set to launch in May 2024. Both singles can be accessed across major platforms.

Korypheus, recognized for its progressive metal/djent sound, is no stranger to the music scene. With two prior releases - the EP "Blessed" in 2018 and the LP "Over the Rainbow" in 2020 via French M&O Music, the band has steadily carved a niche for themselves. Their sound, reminiscent of bands like Periphery, Architects, and Tesseract, is both fresh and nostalgic, offering listeners an immersive experience. As "Odysseus" makes its mark, fans can eagerly anticipate what the band has in store for their upcoming LP.

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