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  • Jason Hesley

Ukrainian Death Metal Quartet SCHIZOGEN Release New Single, "Out of the Light"

After a long silence, Ukrainian Brutal Death Metal quartet SCHIZOGEN have released a lyric video new single "Out of the Light," courtesy of Slam Worldwide YouTube Channel. The song will appear on the band's forthcoming, as yet untitled, third album, which will be released on Willowtip Records. The video is available at:

The single is also available on Spotify and Apple Music.

"The single was written before the full-scale war that followed Russia's unprovoked aggression against Ukraine," the band explains. "So it took much longer than we would have liked, but we hope you will appreciate the result. We are not going to tell you what this song is about, what meanings and feelings we put into it, because in our opinion everything is very individual. That is why the release is in the form of a lyric video, where everyone can familiarize themselves with the lyrics while listening to the composition, experience it with us and get their own emotions, their own vision of the meanings embedded in this track."

SCHIZOGEN goes on to say that, "We want to remind you and ask you not to forget that every day our best people bravely and steadfastly choose their freedom over the threat of losing their existence due to the aggression of a hostile totalitarian regime that wants to destroy us at any cost. Your support is very important to us! Glory to Ukraine!"

Cover Art by: Maryna Shcherbakova

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