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  • Jason Hesley

U.S. Metal Band MALUS DEXTRA Drops Tomorrow (Lyric Video)!

"Tomorrow" is a track taken from Malus Dextra's upcoming EP III, Pt.1, due for release on November 25th, 2022

Malus Dextra hails from St. Louis, MO. where guitarist Justin Ruesch (former D-Railed/Brutal Harmony) resides, formed in 2017 after recruiting vocalist Wayne Allison (former A Strand of Fate/Victims of Life) with the intent to bring the world music that was not limited to boundaries of genre and subgenres. Although the core of the band is metal the music speaks to the masses for fans ranging from Killswitch Engage to Slayer to I Prevail, the two entered Encapsulated Studios to record the debut “Self-Titled” album, released Oct 31, 2017, and was supported with mid-west and upper east coast touring in 2018. The band's second full-length album titled “The Gate” was released Oct 31, 2020, supported by mid-west touring, followed by dual releases “Bangin Bionic Beats” a 6 song EP featuring tracks from both the “Self Titled” and “The Gate” remixed and reimagined by John McLucas from McLucas Studios (CA), and “A Somber Moment” a 6 song softer acoustic side from the artist recorded at Encapsulated Studios with producer/engineer Gabe Usery, both Eps released on Oct 31, 2021. Shortly before the recording of “A Somber Moment” the band welcomed two new members, Bassist Alex Smick (former Warheadd) and Guitarist Justin Keane (Blackdeth). 2022 Malus Dextra have once again stepped into Encapsulated Studios to record tracks for their 3rd full-length album titled “III” making this their 5th studio album released. The album is slated to be a multipart release with “Part 1” released in late 2022. “Tomorrow” the first single from the album released March 25th, 2022 on all streaming platforms.

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