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  • Jason Hesley

TrollfesT announce new album "20 Years in the wrong lane"

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, TrollfesT, the pioneers of True Norwegian Balkan Metal, have announced the release of their new compilation album, "20 Years in the wrong lane." This eclectic collection features a mix of ancient demos, live jams, unreleased tracks, bonus material, and a few remixes, encapsulating the band's wild and joyous journey through the metal world.

The album showcases TrollfesT's signature chaotic and fun-filled style, brimming with exceptional musicianship. Fans can expect a diverse range of tracks, all harvested from the band's rich history of metal music. Adding to the allure, the album will be available as an exclusive picture disc vinyl, featuring artwork by Jonas Darnell and Terje, making it a prized possession for TrollfesT enthusiasts and a unique piece of wall art for others.

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