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TRIVIUM's MATT HEAFY Releases 'Wellerman' 3-Track Bundle!

Matthew Kiichi Heafy, the Japanese-American musician best known as the guitarist and lead vocalist for the Grammy-nominated heavy metal band TRIVIUM, has just released more solo material. This time, he offers his creative take on a popular and enduring sea shanty.

The three-track "Wellerman" bundle is available today on all streaming platforms. Listen to and get it here.

"I didn't pick 'Wellerman' as a cover to do something 'viral,'" Heafy says. "It was one of those songs — when you hear it, 'it sounds like something Matt Heafy would cover.' It was suggested by a close pal who thought exactly that."

The bundle features three versions of the famous whaling song "Soon May The Wellerman Come", which originated in the 1860s in New Zealand, and includes guest vocals by Livia Zita, best known as the wife of Danish heavy metal singer King Diamond. There is a standard version, as well as both a folk and a cappella version.

Track listing:

01. Wellerman (featuring Livia Zita) 02. Wellerman (featuring Livia Zita - folk) 03. Wellerman (featuring Livia Zita - a cappella)

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