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  • Jason Hesley

TRIVAX reveal new music video “Azrael” ahead of September album release!

Eastern Death Magick practitioners Trivax have unveiled the first single and music video ahead of the release of their second full-length opus, “Eloah Burns Out”.

The band commented: “Ezraeel (عزرائیل) or also commonly known as "Azrael", is recognised as the angel of Death across all of the Abrahamic faiths. This is a tribute to the true master of Death, embracing all of its terrifying, yet magnificent attributes. “The flagellation scene is an inverted take on the Tasu'a and Ashura ceremonies across the Shi'ite Islamic world, which are done in mourning to prophet Mohammad's third descendant, Imam Hussein. The flagellation ceremony in this visual piece is not one of mourning, but rather, celebration - to the true beauty of Death and what it beholds via intentional acts of suffering. “The intro part of the song is recorded with an acoustic Saaz, an ancient traditional Middle-Eastern instrument, often used in local folk music. As the band embraces its traditional roots, it became inevitable for us to incorporate the sound of our homeland into our art. “In the same way that, in the 90s, Quorthon from Bathory would start to use their viking roots to revolt against Christianity, we are naturally doing the same by embracing our pre-Islamic roots. Of course, this isn’t done in the absence of the wonderful contortion known as Black Metal.” “Eloah Burns Out” will be released on 29 September 2023 via UK-based publishing house and record label, Cult Never Dies. The album will be available in CD, 12” LP, cassette and digital formats and can be pre-ordered via the label’s webstore (UK & ROW store / EU store). Clocking in at just under 50 minutes, it is a concept album which tells the story of Death, as observed and experienced through various different accounts. "Azrael" is an exaltation of the Angel of Death within Middle-eastern theology/religions, while "Alpha Predator" tells the perspective of a murderer. “Twilight of Death” shows the view of the dying self/individual and the ecstasy of such, and the final track, “در آخر دنیا”, which translates to "At the End of the World", is essentially the Death of the Creator - Leading to the end of the cosmos. The final climax of the album paints the picture of the death of God, which is in metaphysical alignment with the sun imploding on itself and thus causing the end of all life in our solar system. The lyrics for the final opus “در آخر دنیا” were written in Shayan's native language of Farsi, which belongs to Persia (Iran) where many of history's greatest poets originate from, such as Hafez, Rumi and Khayyam to name a few. Other songs such as "Against All Opposition" and the duo of "Silent Contemplation" followed by "The Serpent's Gaze" are ones of rage and rebellion. Their common enemy is that of oppression and limitations, whilst their goal is total freedom and liberation. Formed by guitarist and vocalist Shayan, Trivax began life in the late 2000s in the perhaps unexpected location of Iran, a country whose laws regarding music – and especially black metal – have led to punishment, imprisonment and even death. Relocating to the UK, Shayan found a like-minded ally in bassist Sully, who had similarly left Syria due to facing imprisonment for his metal associations. Completing this power trio was talented British native M. Croton, a drummer with many years of experience under his belt.

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