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  • Jason Hesley

TRIVAX reveal new music video “Against All Opposition”

Eastern Death Magick practitioners Trivax have unveiled a new music video from the band’s latest magnum opus, “Eloah Burns Out”. 

Watch the video to the track “Against All Opposition (By Aeshma's Wrath)” now:

The video comes as the band headline Azadi Festival in Germany (13th April) and head on a tour of UK starting 27 April and ending 2 May.

The video to “Against All Opposition (By Aeshma's Wrath)” commemorates the bravery of the Persian people and victims such as Mahsa Armini, who died in a hospital in Tehran under suspicious circumstances following her arrest by Iran’s religious morality police for allegedly not wearing the hijab. Mahsa’s death has sparked widespread protests worldwide since her death on 16 September 2022 until today. 

Featuring a montage of the band's recent live performances, the video is accompanied by older footage of Trivax’s underground shows in Iran - namely at the Niavaran Park in 2011, as well as the Kamalolmolk education institution near Tajrish.

Opening with the Iranian Revolution of 1978, the video showcases a timeline of struggles through the horrors of the Iran-Iraq War, the repression of students in 1999 and moves on to footage of the demonstrations in Iran since last September. It showcases the cruelty of the Islamic regime, but also the bravery of the Persian people, who are willing to make sacrifices for the freedom of the women and men in their country. According to the band, the purpose of this piece is solidarity with the Iranian freedom movement against tyrannical opposition, hence the appropriate title "Against All Opposition".

The band commented: "It's important that we acknowledge that this is war - and it will not end until there is peace... and by peace, we truly mean freedom."

“Eloah Burns Out”, a concept album which tells the story of Death, was released on 29 September 2023 via UK-based publishing house and record label, Cult Never Dies. The album is available in CD, 12” LP and digital formats and can be ordered via the label’s webstore (UK & ROW store / EU store). 

Trivax previously released a music video to the track “Azrael” which has reached over 100,000 views in just under a month, and has now surpassed 550,000 views on YouTube. The single was also selected in Metal Hammer’s “tracks of the week” in July 2023 and was in the running for “best metal song of 2023”.

Formed by guitarist and vocalist Shayan, Trivax began life in the late 2000s in the perhaps unexpected location of Iran, a country whose laws regarding music – and especially black metal – have led to punishment, imprisonment and even death. Relocating to the UK, Shayan found a like-minded ally in bassist Sully, who had similarly left Syria due to facing imprisonment for his metal associations. Completing this power trio was talented British native M. Croton, a drummer with many years of experience under his belt.

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