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  • Jason Hesley

TREYHARSH are happy to announce that they have signed a deal with Wormholedeath!

Hailing from France, thrash death metal combo TREYHARSH are happy to announce that they have signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their new studio album "ETERNAL CYCLES".

"Pity is the most pleasant feeling among those who are little proud and have no-hope of a great conquest” (Nietzsche), the main lines which characterize our philosophy."

We are four guys, from around Lille in the north of France, who came together to form TREYHARSH in 2011. The heavy, brutal and cold atmospheres strongly inspired us to create our own universe, from our compositions to our image, without getting too inked in a category of style. Out of this mix of inspirations will be born trash and death metal compositions. A first album "Reverse" released in 2013 it is the fruit of unwavering perseverance. The eleven tracks have been composed in such a way as to faithfully transmit the energy and the power drawn. From within us with texts worked, and not being engaged coming to embellish a heavy and cavernous song. Since 2013, we have endeavored to transmit our energy through concerts and broadcasts on local radios. We shared the stage alongside bands like Supuration, Hangman's Chair, Psykup or The Ocean, on some events and other dates in France. A second album "When the Sun Sets in the East" self-produced and released in 2017 after more than a long year of work and with the help of R3myboy mixing and mastering (already present for "Reverse"). More aggressive and paradoxically more ambient than its predecessor.

In early 2018, the line up changes and we welcome a new bass player with whom we chain a few dates until the end of the concerts to devote themselves to the composition of a new album: "ETERNAL CYCLES". This time it's Gwen Kerjan from the “Slab Sound Studio” who sticks to the sound, helping us to create a slightly more different universe.

More rhythm, more energy and an even heavier song.

We are pumped up and determined to reveal all the energy of this latest album with live shows on French stages, European and beyond!

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