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  • Jason Hesley

TRAUMATOMY’s “Womb Of The Desecrated” Satisfies The Urge For Brutal Slam Off “Triumph of Enslavement” Out July 2024!

Regurgitated in 2012, the international slam band Traumatomy aggressively marches forward with their ninth album “Triumph of Enslavement”, coming out July 5, 2024.

The second single “Womb Of The Desecrated” is out now, and coupled with the first single “Consumed Into Nothing” they provide a glimpse of the brutal music that can be expected in the EP. The band comments on the single which will stand out amongst the other tracks:

“This may be the most groovy track on the album. For fans of true slamming brutal death metal. It’s very different from the previous single in that it’s more groove-heavy, which shows that we can find a different approach to composing and structuring music.”

“Womb Of The Desecrated” epitomizes the essence of Traumatomy's sound: slammy, primitive, crushing, gnarly, and brutal. The new EP promises to be faster, more brutal, and rawer than ever before, solidifying Traumatomy’s status in the brutal death metal genre.

Known for their coordinated and intense stage presence, Traumatomy’s live shows are a testament to their charisma and professionalism. With numerous live videos available on YouTube, fans can witness the band's ferocity and precision firsthand. “We will make slam music till we die” they declare, embodying their uncompromising commitment to their craft. They are recommended for fans of Cerebral Incubation, PeelingFlesh, and Epicardiectomy.

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