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  • Jason Hesley

Tragos to release "Radix Mendosus" on July 1st!

TRAGOS is a French Old School Death Metal band combining Old School riffs with Classical Music inspired riffs We started 1 year ago (Cédric and me) then we found a singer 6 months ago (Antoine). We're still looking for a drummer at the moment.

Our music is a mix of Death Metal riffs (the Old way) with some parts of classical music (from authors like Mozart,Chopin,Haydn,Carcassi,Beethoven and many more)put to guitars and bass.

The lyrics are taken from classic literature and poems from authors such as Lovecraft,Beaudelaire,Rimbaud etc....

We are releasing our 8 tracks debut album ,titled Radix Mendosus,(The Roots of Evil)this month(it s already out on streaming platforms)

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