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  • Jason Hesley

Torture Squad to drop the live album 'Tortura en La Iglesia En Vivo'

'Tortura em La Iglesia Ao Vivo' will be released on all digital platforms in November, 24th, 2022, with two music videos, and to the surprise of fans, the band will also release an unreleased song, "The Fallen Ones", that will integrate the album live as a bonus track.


1. Obskure

2. Torture-till-Die

3. Convulsion

4. The-Unholy-Spell

5. Horror-and-Torture

6. Living-for-the-Kill

7. Generation-Dead

8. “No-Escape-from-Hell

9. Possessed-by-Horror

10. Inner-Strenght

11. Return-of-Evil

12. Dont-Cross-My-Path

13. Raise-your-Horns

14. Blood-Sacrifice

15. The-Fallen-Ones

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