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TORTURE SQUAD streams "Warrior" music video featuring Leather Leone!

TORTURE SQUAD, one of the most renowned bands in Brazilian metal, released the long-awaited new album, titled ‘Devilish’. Continuing with the promotion of the album, they released a new version of the track "Warrior"


The single and music video feature the participation of Leather Leone, an iconic American vocalist, who brought the energy of 80s metal to the song. "Warrior" is a tribute to Rickson Gracie, the resilient Jiu Jitsu fighter, considered one of the sport's greatest legends.

Mayara Puertas comments on the launch:

' 'Warrior is a song for all the warriors arround the world , inspired by the philosophies of life of fhe brazilian Jiu Jitsu master Rickson Gracie. This new version brings Leather Leone as our very special guest, mixing Heavy and Thrash Metal singing by two female metal singers from different generations, as a symbol of fight and resistence”.

Leather Leone will also make a special appearance at the Torture Squad show at Summer Breeze Open Air Brasil, celebrating the diversity and strength of women in heavy metal. The show will take place at the Memorial da América Latina, in São Paulo, on Sunday, April 28th.

In their second album with the new lineup, Mayara Puertas (Voice), Rene Simionato (Guitar), Castor (Bass) and Amilcar Christófaro (Drums) maturely transcend the sound of extreme metal, incorporating progressive metal, influences from Brazilian music and symphonic elements. “Devilish” promises to shake up the Brazilian metal scene and give it new international visibility.

'Devilish' is available on digital platforms and in physical version.

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