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  • Jason Hesley

TODOMAL: Spanish dark metal entity to release sophomore album "A Greater Good" in November!

Spanish dark metal entity TODOMAL will release their brooding sophomore full-length album, "A Greater Good", on November 24th 2023 via Ardua Music, today unveiling the record's cover art, tracklist and first video teaser. Watch it HERE. Tracklist:

1. Silent Mass 2. High Time 3. Infero Tristi 4. Ultima Lucerna 5. Dust and Nothingness 6. Antichrist of Love 7. Loss 8. A Greater Good TODOMAL is back with "A Greater Good", their new studio album. The Spanish duo, formed by Christopher B. Wildman and Javier Fernández (Asgaroth, Nexus 6, The Heretic, Dejadeath, etc.) brings a collection of "dark songs" (as they like to define it), which began with the seeds planted in "Ultracrepidarian", their debut album. The band's music has evolved into a complex, dense, and unclassifiable album that takes us on a journey through somber landscapes, existential doubts, tragicomedy, and spiritual and personal unrest. "A Greater Good" poses challenging questions, wrapped in music that is sometimes dark and at other times luminous, spanning from slow-tempo to progressive rock to quasi-mystical litanies. The path they embarked upon with their debut album, leading to desolate landscapes and the emptiness of the plateau, has continued into darker territories, reminiscent of tenebrist altarpieces, where doubts about what is right or wrong, what we do in this world to earn redemption, or why we have a nefarious tendency to destroy what we love are depicted against a smoldering forest. The journey continues, despite the obstacles. "A Greater Good" boasts ambitious production to accommodate all its elements, like pieces of a giant mosaic. Vocal harmonies, acoustic elements, and occasional orchestral arrangements blend with serpentine opera-rock pieces, making their way by clawing through the earth. Once again, the voice of Teodora Gosheva, the collaboration of Darío Garrido on the Spanish guitar and the audio assistance of ESOTERIC's Greg Chandler complete the work. Special mention goes to the album cover, created by the multifaceted Paloma Pájaro, who brilliantly and resolutely encapsulates everything mentioned above. The sophomore album of this prolific space doom duo will no doubt appeal to fans of bands like CANDLEMASS, KRUX, PINK FLOYD, AVATARIUM and, we dare to say, old GHOST! Doom on!

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