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Titans of Texas True Metal IGNITOR Release 'The Golden Age of Black Magick'

IGNITOR, the Titans of Texas True Metal, return with their scorching, wicked new slasherpiece The Golden Age of Black Magick. The album is out now via Metal On Metal Records.


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The Golden Age of Black Magick consists of eight newly forged unmerciful metal anthems that harken back to the glory of days of relentless fist-pumping, head banging, screaming heavy metal electricity; so thick; you'll have to cut it with a chainsaw. 

Check out the official video for the title track:

Track Listing:

1. Secrets Of The Ram

2. Countess Apollyon

3. The Golden Age Of Black Magick

4. Hell Shall Be Your Home

5. Tonight We Ride

6. Steel Flesh Bone

7. Execution Without Trial

8. Stoned At The Acropolis

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