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  • Jason Hesley

Throwing Bricks & Ontaard - Veil of Sound Unveils Video For New Track "Blame Pt. I"

Today, Veil of Sound unveils a music video for "Blame Pt. I", the collaborative song between two of Utrecht most prominent artists, Throwing Bricks and Ontaard  and one of the songs from their forthcoming split-LP ‘Oud Zeer’.

Watch the video for "Blame Pt. I" and read a brief interview with elements of both bands above.

They had this to say about this new track "Blame pt. 1’ represents the collaborative spirit of ‘Oud Zeer’. Being written together and featuring a beautiful viola played by Johanna Kouwenhoven, it is a true collaboration between both bands. ‘Blame pt. 1’’ depicts a childhood memory of feeling blamed after harassment and being doubted in your legitimacy as a victim. A melody getting overshadowed by harsh noise serves as a sonic metaphor for how trauma and painful memories will find a way to ruin the present."

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