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  • Jason Hesley

THREE EYES OF THE VOID to drop the Album The Atheist!

Album tracklisting and cover art are as follows: 1. Behind the Stars 2. Against the One 3. Descent 4. No More Light 5. Delirium 6. The Atheist

Debut album The Atheist is over 40 minutes of atmospheric black metal that explores the themes of "Death of God and Mortality" - a well-known maxim of Friedrich Nietzsche. The lyrics focus on the human conflict between belief in God and enlightenment, rejecting the concept of a conscious creator. The songs reflect the helplessness and confusion of a man, who, realizing the absence of God, begins to feel like another artifact of an entropy. On The Atheist, the band repeatedly explores related areas of metal music. Atmospheric black often gets mixed with the space of progressive music and the overwhelming heaviness and darkness of post metal. All this is surrounded by a dark, melancholic and bitter atmosphere, which only fuels the vision of the hopelessness and despair of human existence. Three Eyes of the Void embarks on a journey to prove that coming to terms with one's weaknesses may be the only way out for those seeking answers to the question: who am I and why am I?

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