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  • Jason Hesley

Thrash/Death Outfit ESODIC Release New Single & Video "Dirge"

Today marks the release of "Dirge," the latest single from the dynamic and provocative music ensemble ESODIC. This powerful track, is part one of a two-part composition that delves deep into the harrowing legacy of Uday Hussein, a figure synonymous with tyranny and excess in Iraq's recent past.

Drawing inspiration from Iraq's storied history and the chilling tales of Uday Hussein's reign of terror, ESODIC embarks on a creative journey fueled by the narratives of those who lived through these tumultuous times. The gruesome nature of Uday's daily atrocities, widely known and feared, finds a voice in this compelling musical exploration. The influence of the film The Devil's Double, a dramatized recount of Uday’s horrific deeds, serves as a poignant catalyst for the project, pushing the boundaries of storytelling through music.

"Dirge" encapsulates the grim end of Uday Hussein's reign, offering a somber reflection on the consequences of unchecked power and brutality.

ESODIC's exploration into this dark chapter of Iraqi history does not shy away from the complexities of Uday Hussein's character. "Dirge" brings us to the inevitable conclusion of such tyranny - a downfall as befitting as it is tragic.

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