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  • Jason Hesley

The Wolves Of Avalon prepare for the Nov 25th release of Y Gododdin with an album preview video!

This Friday, November 25th (a Bandcamp Friday no less!), The Wolves Of Avalon will release their stunning new album, Y Gododdin - a glorious charge across the battlefields of Britain's early history. Helping to bring this magnificent display of blackened, progressive pagan/folk metal to life are some of underground's most renowned individual talents and in a new album preview video The Wolves have revealed their names, faces and contributions. Joining the Wolves in the shield wall are:

Tony 'The Demolition Man' Dolan - Venom Inc

Thurios - Drudkh

Hoest - Taake

Wulfstan - Forefather

Nico Millar - Aklash

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