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  • Jason Hesley

The Universe Is an Ocean to release new album!

The Universe Is an Ocean is the psychedelic drone metal project of Hungarian underground metal musician Balázs Söptei (guitarist of metal bands Vanta and Kajgūn). The goal of the project is to explore future directions of ambient and drone music via distorted guitars, echoes, clean vocals and improvisation.

The self-titled debut album was recorded in August 2021 in a week long process of experimenting and improvisation. It is a 42-minute-long movement in a superposition of G minor and G major, inspired and influenced by drone metal pioneers Earth and Sunn O))), psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd, psychedelic electronic music project Shpongle and many more.

The Universe Is an Ocean is not a solo project. The music is going to be performed live by a group, and future albums will feature a variety of musicians. Most importantly, this is more than a music project: Balázs’ vision is to turn it into a full audiovisual psychedelic experience.

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