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  • Jason Hesley

The Sway of Mountains to release "The Idle Universe Has Won" on December 15th!

This release is more in the black metal realm than previous releases. It’s much more feelsy and intense! All tracks are instrumental except for The Final Souvenir and the voice samples in the last track.

If you're keen for only 1 track, make it either A Looming Forest Fire or Reflected From The Calming Glow. The album is full of riffs that are incredibly fun to play and it’s all based on this poem about our relationships with black screens. This entire project is a fun outlet for me and one of the main driving forces here is "does it flow well?" and "does it feel cool to me?". This is the first time that I'm experimenting with getting someone to do vocals on a track!

Also, even though the release date is this coming Friday (arbitrarily because Spotify), it’s completely "name your price" on Bandcamp right now <3

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