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  • Jason Hesley

The Sigil to release "Argante" on June 16th!

Esoteric melodic rock outfit THE SIGIL is preparing to unleash their mesmerizing new EP Argante on June 16th. A tour de force of attitude and energy, with electrifying guitar riffs, pounding drums, and driving bass lines, Argante features intense vocals and captivating lyrics; a modern classic in the making.

THE SIGIL's trademark sound is on full display, with a raw and unapologetic approach to rock that's both timeless and contemporary. A new sense of urgency and purpose propels the band to new heights of creativity and expression.

Just as the alchemists of old spent ages trying to uncover strange and arcane secrets, THE SIGIL have spent years of creative exploration to bring forth the music of Argante. From dynamic rock scorchers like "The Shape of Shadows" to the foreboding doominess of brand new track "Absentia", Argante takes the listener on a journey. Will you come?

THE SIGIL came about as a no-holds-barred expression to combat the musical fatigue of the founding duo. A shared interest in folklore, history and the occult set the tone for both music and lyrics: melodic and memorable, yet often melancholy and haunting. In 2023, three new members were added, turning the project into a full fledged band.

Argante brings together all of the elements the band has been teasing with previous singles. A force to be reckoned with, THE SIGIL is here to leave their mark on 2023.

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