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  • Jason Hesley

The promising Finnish modern metal act Without Warning unveils their new electrifying single “PULSE” – inspired by German underground rave scenes.

Without Warning, a promising modern metal act from Finland has unleashed their new single “Pulse” with an additional music video. The new single is infused with inspiration from the German underground rave scene, immersing the listener with a sonic landscape filled with industrial sounds and heavy rave elements. 

LISTEN Pulse single: 

“Pulse” vibrates with intensity and infectious rhythms that are a core element in the German rave scenes. The song blends the ferocity of modern metal with the hypnotic allure of underground rave culture. Without Warning invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world where man and machine collide.

"The song instantly made me think of an underground rave. An experience where you fully emerge yourself in the rhythm and it becomes synchronized with your pulse, which inspired the song name. With each song we really drive into the surrounding, the emotion and story. “Pulse” showcases Without Warning as a whole, who we are and what our identity is about. It is no coincidence that we wanted to include inspiration from Germany particularly. Germans have a really talented and amazing metal scene, and they have always supported Finnish metal. We’re excited to build a stronger bond with them." Says vocalist Michaela “Micha” Tuomenoksa

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