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  • Jason Hesley

The Plague to release "Erosion of Gods"

"They have cursed our Earth, believing lies since birth. Wipe out false beliefs. Gods erode away. No more shall we worship; we will cast them down. The time has come for the Gods to erode. Burn the scriptures and revolt against their tyranny. Eradicate their existence from this Earth…"

The Plague, a formidable death metal outfit hailing from the dark depths of Sydney, Australia, have been carving a path of destruction since their inception in 2016. Their raw, unadulterated sound draws inspiration from the forefathers of death metal such as Dismember and Entombed, while also incorporating the caustic influences of Pestilence, Carcass, and Asphyx.

Their ferocious live performances have garnered a devoted following in Australia and beyond, sharing the stage with iconic acts like Sacred Reich, Vio-Lence, Angelcorpse, Ensiferum, Entombed AD, and many more. After unleashing their debut EP "Mass Genocide" upon the masses in 2017, The Plague drew widespread acclaim with their 2021 debut album, "Within Death", released on the Bitter Loss Records label. Now, The Plague stand poised to unleash their second full-length album, "Erosion of Gods," in collaboration with the almighty Brilliant Emperor.

This chainsaw-fuelled masterpiece features ten brand-new tracks that will leave even the most hardened death metal fanatic reeling in awe. Brace yourselves for an onslaught of biblical proportions. Brace yourselves for the EROSION OF GODS!

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