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  • Jason Hesley

The Ocean Streaming New Live Album “Phanerozoic Live”

Even in a global pandemic nothing can stop THE OCEAN. The Berliners proudly present an unusual live album that is a testimony of strange times: their Phanerozoic concept album performed live in its entirety at a time when no shows were happening anywhere in the world. The band took the chance and prepared two very special live stream shows, performing both parts of their magnum opus Phanerozoic in its entirety. Part I was recorded at Pier 2 club in Bremen, while Part II was recorded and streamed for Roadburn Redux 2021. Today, the band are celebrating the release of Phanerozoic Live with a pair of live chats, discussing both parts of the album.

Phanerozoic Live is available on Metal Blade Records digitally worldwide, and physical copies available in various formats at Pelagic Records.

Phanerozoic Live Track Listing Phanerozoic Part I – Live in Bremen: 01. The Cambrian Explosion 02. Cambrian II 03. Ordovicium 04. Silurian 05. Devonian 06. The Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse 07. Permian

Phanerozoic Part II – Live At Roadburn Redux: 01. Triassic 02. Jurassic | Cretaceous 03. Palaeocene 04. Eocene 05. Oligocene 06. Miocene | Pliocene 07. Pleistocene 08. Holocene

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