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  • Jason Hesley

The new Dutch metal project Layers of Devotion has released a lyric video for "From Forge to Fire"

Layers of Devotion is a metal project established in 2021 to record and release songs with (online) musicians.

Perseverance and motivation is what it takes to bring music alive.

Layers stands for the different persons and instruments in music.

Devotion stands for the enthusiasm and the passion of making music. In addition, the band name indicates a musician's challenge of a private, work and musician life and the challenges to keep balance in these different layers.

“From Forge To Fire” is a furious modern metal track which starts with a blistering solo after a short intro.

The vocals are aggressive in the couplets and melodic in the chorus’s. The breakdown is heavy and slows the song down.

A second solo will blast into your ears after a pounding drumbreak.

Lyrics wise there is a messages behind but it’s up to the listener to have their own interpretation.

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