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  • Jason Hesley

THE NECROSEXUAL Reveals Video For "Dead Sexy"

Sleazy black metal / speed metal act NECROSEXUAL are back with their music video "Dead Sexy," a super charged audio visual assault with lewd animations, energetic live footage and meaty dungeon scenes. The song is taken from their EP Seeds of Seduction which was released via Folkvangr Records last year. This video also coincides with the release of The Insatiable Necrosexual #1 comic, the Necrosexual's first venture onto the printed page (30 full color pages to be exact) as they navigate the mean streets of Philadelphia to play a rock n roll concert, and inevitably get high.

Order Seeds of Seduction digitally or on cassette:


1. Chaos Command

2. Screamin' for the Steamin' Demon Semen

3. A Long Time To Die

4. The Grim Hymn (cassette only)

5. Dead Sexy remaster (cassette only)

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