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The legendary Witchunters return with the new single "TIME IS RUNNING..."

Available on all the best digital music stores, on our shop in Japan and also on Crashsound Distribution! The historic Italian band, returns more fiery than ever!!! But, let's go over the history of the band, so that even the youngest can get to know the legendary Witchunters and see what they have been up to in so many years of their career, until today, a day that will be remembered as the day the great Witchunters returned!

The Band:

WITCHUNTERS are one of the longest-running Italian metal bands. Founded in the summer of 1982 from the ashes of RANDOMS (ex Nightriders), they initially original compositions sung in Italian.

In 1984, with the collaboration of vocalist George Fyron (Amin Peck), they changed their repertoire.repertoire by performing live mainly covers of 70s hard rock bands.After a drastic line-up change in 1985, the band began to composing material in English. On Christmas Day of the same year they presented their new songs in a concert at SPLASH in Forlì.

In 1986 their first demo was released, "Tales of Witchunters", which contained 6 songs.In December of the same year the band recorded 'Possessed' at Sawmils Studios, in Cornwall, produced by Pete Hinton (Saxon, Demon, Coroner...etc.). The song will be released in England on the Promo-Compilation "Italian Rock Invasion Vol.1" on the the Dischi Noi label of San Remo.

In July 1987 a demo was recorded with a Fostex 4-track containing 6 songs, at the request of Dischi Noi, which remained unreleased. In 1988 "Doomsday", their second demo, with 4 songs, was released. In December of the same year they opened the concert of the Swiss Coroner in Mestre in their only Italian concert.

In 1989 they participated in the vinyl compilation "Surgery of the Power" for LM Records, with the song 'Deadly News'. At the same time the band took part in the "One night in hell" festival in Fidenza with H-Kristal and Hydra.

Their first CD, "...and it's storming outside" was released in November 1994, on the Underground Symphony. It contains eight tracks of their own composition and one cover. It is the first CD in Europe to be released in a double format: one classic and the other, for collectors, with a gatefold cover collectors' format, with a gatefold cover like the old 33reys, with a holder that contains the CD. The CD is preceded in 1993 by an advance tape, which contains 2 songs in versions different from those on the album, and the cassette compilation 'Italian Devils vol.1', which contains their 'The Secret'.

In August 1994 they took part in a metal festival in Udine together with Last Warning, Madsword and Skanner.

In 1997 the second CD was recorded, "Different Universe", which unfortunately was never been released. The advance tape of this work was demo of the month in the monthly magazine 'Psycho' in the December '98 issue.

With the introduction of keyboards into the band's sound in 1998, a CD promo with 5 songs was recorded and released in October 1999. Also in 1999, a compilation was released on the Sassari-based label "Path of Experiences", containing the band's song 'The Sleepwalker'. In the summer of 2000 the song 'My Shadow' was also included in the compilation "Insuperable", produced by the municipality of Spilamberto (MO) for the association Friction.

At the beginning of 2001, for various reasons involving all band members, the Witchunters took a period of rest that lasted until 2009.

It is in this year that the band's activity resumes and new ideas and new compositions. The genre shifts towards melodic metal with hints that sometimes go beyond the strictly metal sphere. Work in the rehearsal room is favored the rehearsal room, although the band does perform live a few times, during the European music festival and in particular by opening the May 2022 concert of Enemy Of The Enemy (France), Threads (Germany) and Lone Survivors (France). With 8 new songs, recorded between 2021 and 2023, the band is once again ready to their music, also thanks to the innovations brought by the new members members who have joined the band.

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