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  • Jason Hesley

THE GLORIOUS DEAD Unleash Cemetery Paths!

The new album from Northern Michigan death metal purveyors THE GLORIOUS DEAD is out now on Bindrune Recordings. The band's second full-length, Cemetery Paths doles out lethal amounts of relentlessly brutal, yet compositionally-minded death metal.

Stream the album on Spotify and Apple Music.

Watch the official music video for album track "Living Rot" at


1) Semita Cineris

2) Horizons of Ash

3) Gag on Viscera

4) Purulent Forms

5) Daylight Graves

6) Cadaver Within

7) Malefic Sepsis

8) Dragging the Dead

9) Living Rot

10) Corpse of the King

11) Cemetery Path

12) Semita Pulveris

THE GLORIOUS DEAD is a Northern Michigan band that consists of members of other such notable acts as Pan, Feast Eternal, and Reasonable Deception. The members have gathered to revel in the cathartic release of creating death metal in the old spirit and after the positive acclaim surrounding their Into Lifeless Shrines debut full-length on Bindrune Recordings, the band spent the entirety of the pandemic creating another album worth of material with the intention of moving forward creatively, without losing sight of their core sound.

With their second full-length, Cemetery Paths, time, evolution and dedication to their old death metal influences have found the band building upon the foundation set by their debut, with more speed, doom, and melodic elements that feel like a progression while never losing sight of memorable riffs and songwriting. A lot of thought and care have gone into these songs and the band is thrilled to share their brand of filthy Northern Death Metal with those who heed the mortal yearning for the grave.

Cemetery Paths was recorded in 2022 at AV Studios in Traverse City, Michigan by Andy Vanguilder, mixed by Spenser Morris, and Mastered by Andrew DeCagna (Ironflame/Nechochwen) at Sacred Sound Studios.

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