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  • Jason Hesley

The Doomsday Clock Advances With KELEVRA’s Progressive “Cleanse With Fire”

Kelevra is a melodic, progressive force radiating from the cold windswept Canadian prairies. They have made a name for themselves nationally with high-caliber live shows and two well-produced EPs. This March, they continue to cement their place in the metal world with the first full-length album “Oneiric”, which flaunts more of the riveting harmonies, aggressive riffs, and powerful lyrics that they have come to be known for. They comment on the newly released single “Cleanse With Fire”:

“This track is always an absolute technical burner to play - showcasing the breakneck tempos, varied and deft leaps between riffs, searing leads, and then wide-ranging shifts in feel and technique. The single showcases everything we are known for with this one - from all-out aggression one minute, undeniable grooves, and unexpected progressive and spacious explorations the next. The frantic and frenzied nature of the song reflects the ticking clock towards doomsday, and the listener must reconcile their place amidst the madness.”

Kelevra works collaboratively and the entire band contributes to all of the songs on “Oneiric” making it a diverse record that accentuates the different strengths each musician has. This group effort is a major reason why their sound has been described as so unique. No song is an exclusive reflection of one person’s style, but rather a unique collaboration of five creatives joined together. Their entire catalog has featured songs written by three different members and this dynamic has introduced three unique styles of lyricism.

An impressive release that will intrigue anyone who likes progressive and melodic metal, “Oneiric” is recommended for fans of Lamb of God, Unearth, and Gojira.

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