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  • Jason Hesley

The Devil's Trade Forge a New, Wider Path!

'Vid​é​kek Vannak Idebenn' came at a strange time for Dávid György Makó.

Makó started The Devil's Trade ten years ago, as a solitary journey between him and his banjo. But once he started working on this album, he began to feel like that phase of his life was ending - though he wasn't quite sure what the next one looked like. Instead, he found himself in a paralyzed state, floating somewhere between past and present.

Out of that liminal space came 'Vid​é​kek Vannak Idebenn'. At times, the new album harkens back to the stark and doomy meditation on folk music that Makó honed on earlier albums. "Clear Like the Wind" is so stripped-down and quiet that you can hear Makó's right hand sliding up and down his guitar, repeating a simple but haunted melody.

But 'Vid​é​kek Vannak Idebenn' also marks a turning point, when The Devil's Trade grew into something that looks more like a band. Makó brought in his old friend and former bandmate Gáspár Binder, whose dark and stormy drumming sets off the booming thundercloud of the title track. Makó also leans heavier into electronic textures. Synths shroud "Flashing Through the Lack of Light" like smoke shifting down a mountain.

"This album has given me so much hardship, confirmation, lessons and joy from the first moment I started to work on it, even when it was still a secret," says Makó. "And now it is out to live on its own. I hope you will enjoy it!"

'Vid​é​kek Vannak Idebenn' is out this Friday, July 14 on Season of Mist. Pre-save the album HERE and pre-order it HERE.

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