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  • Jason Hesley

"The Devil Is By My Side" In The Next Music Video Quest From DRAGONHEART!

Brazilian fantasy power metallers DRAGONHEART will release their fifth studio album "The Dragonheart's Tale" this coming August 2023 via Rockshots Records.

Revealing their first single "Dragonheart's Tale" this past June, the band has their next track to unveil in the lead-up to the new album's release.

Accompanied by a music video "The Devil Is By My Side" is about the character "The Blacksmith" who is known from previous Dragonheart album stories and is loved by fans.

Vocalist Eduardo Marques explains:

"This track tells how Blacksmith sought a weapons master in a guild, but used forbidden magic to make them. He is banished from the guild and sent into exile. He swears they will one day need him when dark times come. (Blacksmith Music Anvil was used and the solo part now as Riff connecting the two songs and Thiago does a take on the plate as if he was forging a sword). With an 80s feel and influence from Accept this song is perfect to play live. With many quotes from the first song released in 2002 on the second album, The Devil Is By My Side has the potential to be a power/true metal hit"

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