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  • Jason Hesley

The details of "Emisferi" new album by EVA CAN'T!

It took 5 years of hard work, 4 different recording studios, countless hours of rehearsing and refining what was born in musical and lyrical terms, but at the end "Emisferi", the fifth and new album by EVA CAN'T, out on September 20th, is starting to be an incredible reality.

Today we present the album cover created with Helios Pu (aka Porz of Malnàtt) and its tracklist made up of 17 episodes divided into 4 parts: 1. Emisferi I - 2. La Volta (Ghiacci Boreali I) - 3. ARCA (Ghiacci Boreali II) - 4. Genoma (Ghiacci Boreali III) - 5. Linea Di Costa I - 6. Prima Tempesta (Mari Boreali I) - 7. Nottetempo (Mari Boreali II) - 8. Avamporti (Mari Boreali III) - 9. Equatore - 10. Di Stanze Assenti (Mari Australi I) - 11. Gli Ultimi Alisei (Mari Australi II) - 12. Oracoli (Mari Australi III) - 13. Linea Di Costa II - 14. Agartha Sommersa (Ghiacci Australi I) - 15. La Forca (Ghiacci Australi II) - 16. Labirinti (Ghiacci Australi III) - 17. Emisferi II

The digipak CD is already available in PRE-ORDER at the link

Imagined as a journey from pole to pole on an uninhabited planet whose stylistic coordinates range from Post-Metal to Post Rock up to Progressive and modern Black Metal moments, "Emisferi" has its musical roots in a style close to great groups like Alcest, Explosions In The Sky, Agalloch and Cult of Luna but also the sophisticated and evocative art of Devil Doll.

Simone Lanzoni, guitarist and singer of the band, presents it to us: "The album is an ambitious work that I hope will leave an indelible mark on all those who listen to it as it has left on us. "Emisferi" is a concept album, an emotional and physical journey that is made up of 4 parts, two sections (Southern and Northern Hemisphere) and each in two further subsections (land and water). Each of them was recorded with different techniques and in different places (BRB Studio, Vacuum Studio, Fallout Studio and an isolated house on the hills of Bologna) and each with its own specific and refined sound. It was an incredible journey, hard but extremely satisfying from a personal, artistic and emotional point of view. We are really happy with it and can't wait to present you the precious fruit of our work".

Ready to be part of the unique and poetic universe of "Emisferi", the incredible new work realized by EVA CAN'T?

We are already on our way!!!

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