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  • Jason Hesley

THE ANCHORET Stuns The Senses With "Buried" Video!

Progressive Metal Project THE ANCHORET has released the official video for "Buried," the third single from forthcoming debut album It All Began With Loneliness. Experience it at

The band released the following statement concerning "Buried:"

“Buried serves as our third and final single from the upcoming album, It All Began with Loneliness. There are moments in life when we look into the mirror and fail to recognize the reflection staring back at us. This song implores us to dig deeper within ourselves, remember our dreams and aspirations and rediscover self-love. We hope that this message of hope strikes

a chord with you."

THE ANCHORET is a Progressive Metal project that combines prog rock sensibilities with modern metal energy. Mixing fusion sax, flute solos, mellotron vibes and heavy riffs. It All Began With Lonelliness offers a unique soundscape that is sure to please any fan of heavy music.

Willowtip Records will release It All Began With Loneliness June 23 on CD, vinyl, and digital formats.


Track Listing:

1. An Office For...

2. A Dead Man

4. Someone Listening?

7. All Turns to Clay

8. Unafraid

9. Stay

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