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  • Jason Hesley

THANTIFAXATH Announce North American Tour with SUNLESS and AEVITERNE!

Canada's Thantifaxath is set to embark upon a 28-city assault on North America in support of their newest album, Hive Mind Narcosis. Thantifaxath will be joined by progressive death metal band Sunless and experimental extremists Aeviterne (select dates only).

Thantifaxath’s second full-length Hive Mind Narcosis is not only a giant leap for the band but also for contemporary extreme metal as a whole. From its very first notes, there is a feeling of transcendence beyond genre… beyond its scene and peers. Previously dubbed avant-garde black metal, Thantifaxath surpasses such mundane press tags, instead conjuring forth an expansive, discordant, and mind-altering brew that’s never just black, thrash, death, or doom metal psychedelia.

In every truly pioneering band’s career, there is a moment when they set themselves apart from the pack and become an island. For Thantifaxath, Hive Mind Narcosis is that album.

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