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  • Jason Hesley

Texas' SCATTERED STORM Presents “Bloody Love” Off Upcoming “In this Dying Sun”

Scattered Storm, from El Paso, TX, USA, has a second EP coming out this fall, “In This Dying Sun”, which takes off from where 2021’s “Oblivion” left off, taking a darker and more proggy turn. It still has the hooks, but the vocals have evolved more and synths took a back step for more guitar work. Some of the songs are faster-paced as well giving them more driving force. The band comments on the single:

“The single “Bloody Love” deals with toxic relationships in a nutshell. How we sometimes succumb to the other party and let ourselves go even if it's destroying us inside. The music emulates the brutal emotional aspects going through our heads. The ending is the culmination of that torture by being like an addict and asking for more of that painful love.”

For this new EP, Scattered Storm brought their new bass player Brian Fausnaugh into the band full fold. He had recorded previously with them on some songs, so it was a no-brainer. Lyrically, they still take inspiration from books, movies, series, and whatever else draws their attention. For this EP, vocalist Andre Accosta and drummer/keyboardist Jay Arriaga collaborated closer and wrote more together while the recording process was taking place.

Scattered Storm formed three years ago, with the idea to create a supergroup with seasoned musicians to create very dark heavy music with ambiance. Their sound is defined by their love for seven and eight strings, complemented with backing tracks, and tasteful melodies, in between the moments of brutality. The band continues to evolve and “In This Dying Sun” showcases that.

Grabbing elements from a variety of heavy genres, Scattered Storm is recommended for fans of Meshuggah, Tesseract, and Devin Townsend.

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