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  • Jason Hesley

Texas Black/Death Metal Project SARPA To Release 'Mauta Tala' EP on February 17!

Otherworldly Black/Death Metal project SARPA, featuring David Baxter (drummer of Plutonian Shore, ex-Skrew, ex-Škan), will release new EP Mauta Tala on February 17. 2023.

Colossal 12-minute opening track "Arcane Rites - Tohu Wa Bohu" is streaming now at:

Mauta Tala translates to "Death Rhythm" from the ancient Sanskrit language. Baxter wanted to write a completely chaotic song, followed by a more mellow, yet still dark sounding passage. Day and night. Sun and moon. The music was mostly influenced by the time he spent out in the American Southwest desert, which is why it includes the sandstorms and other related sounds. The EP starts with the storm, which blows in the chaos, then ends with the storm, after which the music gets swallowed back up into the void.

Track Listing:

1. Arcane Rites – Tohu Wa Bohu

2. Necropoleis of the Nebulous Deserts

3. It Looms


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